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    Der Mod wurde im Multiplayer getestet.

    Der Mod funktioniert einwandfrei im MP.

    Schlussfolgerung : Problem sitzt vor dem Gerät.

    Lad einfach nochmal die Datei hier auf MW runter und schieb sie GENAU SO in den Mod Ordner. Auch NICHT umbenennen.


  • Hi,

    I think I found a bug in the mod. I installed in my carrier (on new woodshire) the chicken stable and the chicken doesn't produce eggs, they eat, work fine without any error in the log but they doesn't produce egg, I also tested in a new carrier without any mod and I have the same problem.


    • log.txt

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  • shepard18 I'd recommend to physically move all of your mods out of the mod-directory, just leaving the placeable farm pack in it and create a new savegame using Felsbrunn or Ravenport map. Then check if the problem persists on your machine. If not, then test again with a new savegame of your map. Still working -> put some (but not all at once) mods back in your moddir and test again…

    Please note: The moddir is a directory containing the mods you definately need to play the game in your style. But it's not a garbage collector and I doubt you will need all of your ~700 mods for a good experience. Nobody will be able to figure out if there are mods within which might interfere with other mods to get that "bad" result.