Wie füge ich eine neue Schicht Texturfarbe hinzu?

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    Im Giants Editor (neueste Version) können Sie im Terrain Detail Texture Paint-Modus auf dem Gelände malen. Wie kann ich eine neue Ebene (new layer) hinzufügen?



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  • Does anyone know what DDS-file options Giants Software use for terrain painting textures like cliffRock01_diffuse ?

    If I make any changes to this diffuse texture file in Photoshop, it just messes up things because I don't know the DDS-data for the Nvidia Texture Exporter. And...where these textures are painted on a map mod gets stored in a xxx_weight.png file too.

  • Hello,

    what’s your Photoshop and NVIDIA Plugin Version?

    I use Photoshop CS6 with the Intel Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop.

    Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop*

    When your opening a .dds file I recommend not to load the mipmaps. Mipmaps easily can be recreated while saving your texture.

    You should always load the transparency as an alpha channel or you probably lose some of your texture information.


    Once Opened it should look like this:


    Now you have your full texture including the alpha channel.

    Alpha channel is used as blending information/heightmap. The brighter parts will be blended in bevor the darker parts. (smooth terrain-blending)

    Saving as .dds I use the following settings on the intel tools:



    They also provide a nice Preview of the result including the file-size after compression.

    Hope this is helpful ;)

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

    - Raptor5

  • Unbelievable enough it worked....lol!

    Texture Layer Painting (GE): mountainRock01
    Modded texture file: cliffRockDE01_diffuse.dds at mod map FS19_NorwegianDream > textures > terrain
    DDS Data Format: BC3 RGBA 8 bpp interpolated alpha
    Image Type: Color Map
    MipMap Filter Type: Box
    Gamma Correct: Unchecked
    Premultiplied Alpha Blending (Alpha is...): Checked

    I'm going to add some other colors to it and see if it doesn't or does disturb the weight map for the texture layer. The problems I had before was probably caused by incorrect settings in the exporter plugin causing a white texture layer that changed between different texture layers (glitched out). At least I'm over one heck of a big bottleneck for my project.