Can't refill slurry, only digistate

  • I did have a short look into the fliegl5000.xml and there are 2 possible reasons, why you might be able to load digestate only. Depending on the reason there are 3 possible solutions.

    Reason1 and solution for it:

    The Input trigger of your slurry tanker is "too high" or the output trigger of your liquid manure station of your used mod-map is "too low", so they cant reach each-other.

    Solution: You'll have to ask the modder of your slurry tanker to lower the input trigger area to reach the output triggers of the default liquid manure stations... or you modify them by yourself in Giants Editor. Note: In this specific case it would make more sense to modify the input trigger of the fliegl5000 - so it works with most maps...

    Reason 2 and solutions for it:

    Have a look into the fliegl5000.xml.

    In line 124 you'll find:

    <fillUnit unit="$l10n_unit_literShort" fillTypeCategories="slurryTank" capacity="5000">

    This means, it can fill / transport the filltype category of a slurrytanker, which is the correct category. However, whats defined as slurry, is stated in the map. There you'll find a reference of all filltypes and their categories in a file which is mostly named "mapsFilltypes.xml". Within this file you'll have a <fillTypeCategories> section where the filltypes for each category are defined. Normally this entry / line would look like:

    <fillTypeCategory name="SLURRYTANK" >LIQUIDMANURE DIGESTATE</fillTypeCategory>

    However in your used map, the mapper / modder obviously only defined digestate as slurry - thats the reason if you can only load digestate.

    How to fix this:

    Either change the line in your modmap "mapsFilltypes.xml" in order that it contains also liquidmanure - so in short the respective entry there will look like the above sample.

    Alternatively, you can change the filltype usage of your fliegl5000. In that case change the above described line 124 in the fliegl5000.xml from using a category to specific filltypes.

    So the line 124 should look like:

    <fillUnit unit="$l10n_unit_literShort" fillTypes="liquidmanure digestate" capacity="5000">