Cr 10.90 Extended HUD 1.1.0

This mod has an extra display with many realistic informations

This mod has a lot of realistic animations and informations

  • Version 1.1.0


    --New wheel configurations Trelleborg,Mitas,Michellin

    --Added unloading informations on terminal with warning signal

    --Added low fuel and low DEF light indications with warning signals

    --Added motor load percentage and threshing load percentage on screen

    --When the threshing load is close to 100 % and the combine is on cruise control the speed automatically reduse


    All fs 19 standards

    Added extra screen

    A ton of Realistic dashboard informations and animations, many of them one of the kind to fs19 so far

    Sound Warnings

    Light indicators

    Threshing flow indicator (Thanks to Da-Hoffi)

    Indication of threshed grain

    And many more.

  • Version 1.0.0

Main model: Giants

Extra screen: Antonis78

Flow indication script : Da-Hoffi ( with some little additions by me)


  • This mod is is unbelivabel good it makes so much fun to Play with it! A really great thank you for make this mod! I have only a Little Problem! when i buy the Machine with the orginal tires (Trelleborg,chain) and the REA mod i cant drive on the fields with the other tires it works have you any idear? thanks Grüsse fazge

    • You have right. I notice a little bug. Will be fixed in the next update.

      Thank you for notifying me.

    • Thank you for make such a great mod, even the NH T/! Have a good mais Drilling Season ;-)

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  • antonis78 this mod is nice. I like it and would be happy to see displays like this in other vehicles too. Great job
    Of course it was nice enough to create a presentation on YouTube (sorry only in german)
    YouTube Mod Extended HUD

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    • Thank you for presenting my mod. I'm glad you like it! I do something similar to a T7 and T9 New Holland tractor and plan to release it soon.

      With best regards!

      (Sorry for my German)

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  • Es wurden die Dashboard-Informationen erweitert. Wenn Sie es von der Kamera aus fahren, werden Sie bemerken.

    Auch wenn die mähdrescherlast über 100% liegt, schaltet sich der mähdrescher aus

    Entschuldigung für mein Deutsch :)

    • muss man das einbauen

    • Nein, man muss nichts einbauen.

      Nochmal: das ist einfach ein ganz normal nutzbarer Mähdrescher, der viele zusätzliche Anzeigen in der Innenperspektive verbaut hat.

      Da muss man nichts weiter machen, als gucken.

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    • Die echten Mähdrescher haben all diese Informationen auf dem Bildschirm in der Kabine.

      Ich möchte es so realistisch wie möglich machen

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    • sorry ich hab gedacht das wär ein script und kein eigener mähdrescher